The colors are changing in Ithaca, and this young girl's fancy is starting to turn towards...the holidays.  I just finished my new calendars for 2015, full of interesting weird animals, and that has led to several new card designs and some prints and tiles.  I've made a solemn vow with myself to keep my market booth fully stocked with interesting items, and I will be there in my usual spot (#84) through Christmas. I've started bringing some holiday designs to market, and they will begin to appear in stores soon.  Although I prefer to wait until after Halloween, really.  If you have any special requests or orders for gifts, now is the time to start that conversation so we have lots of time.

I am working on one of the biggest and coolest projects ever.  I've wanted to find a good public art project to give back a ittle to my hometown, and this is it: myself and another artist are giving a new coat of paint to the carousel at Stewart Park!  It's a big and fun and glorious project, and I'm hoping we will be painting the horses at different locations around town.  You can see photos and get updates on our progress on our blog!  We are fundraising as well, and you can donate to this project at the Friends of Stewart Park website.

My newest paintings, which are all part of my 2015 calendar, are hanging at Sarah's Patisserie (Seneca St, Ithaca) for the month of October.

If you can't find me at the market, my cards and paper ephemera are always available online here, at Handowork in Ithaca, and at several other fine retail establishments around the country (here's a list).

If you're looking for Wingtip, my hand-painted shoe business, they are always on my Etsy site.  Keep an eye out there for new shoes, and "like" my Wingtip page on Facebook!  I made a desk calendar for 2015 with photos of some of my favorite shoes...


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