Welcome to the new year!  This is a quiet time of year for me, a welcome rest after the Christmas frenzy and a time to catch up on my freelance work (there's so much of it and I'm so behind!), apply to shows and hopefully make some new paintings.  We are experiencing a rather warm and mellow winter here in the Northeast, a little strange but I am kind of glad of it.

NEW THINGS!  Please check out my brand-new wooden coaster sets in the PRINTS section of my shop!  I'm so pleased with them.  Printed in textured vinyl inks on sustainably-harvested birch, durable and beautiful.

Market is closed for the season, I will be back in place in early April on the waterfront.  Meanwhile, you can always find my work at Handwork in downtown Ithaca.  I plan to pursue more wholesale opportunities this winter, so perhaps you will see my cards in a shop near to you sometime soon. 

Enjoy your winter, folks.  See you again out in the world when the sun returns.

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