Fall is here, and as the sunshine dwindles, the studio is heating up!  I'm happy to say that my new annual calendar is done, and available online here and on my Etsy shop, and I have it at the Farmers' Market, Handwork and upcoming shows.  It's always fun to have new artwork to play with.  This year I went for a kind of Celtic theme, and it was pure pleasure to paint.

Changes are afoot in my Farmers' Market booth.  I recently gave my booth a complete makeover, so now it's huge and gorgeous and welcoming.  One of my goals this year has been to have a really full and interesting booth.  We are still open even as the weather is turning chilly, the outdoor market goes until the Saturday before Christmas.  Hope to see you there!

Crazily enough, the Christmas season is right around the corner.  If you are a maker, production and product development starts early.  Looking forward to a good season, I have three shows lined up and am preparing to fully stock my Handwork shelves.

Interesting projects are looming as well—look for me around town!

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